The call is not being completed at the moment. (Explained)

You call someone’s number, and then you suddenly get a message that the call is not completed in this moment.

You tried it repeatedly, but it didn’t work and it was saying the exact same thing over and over repeatedly.

It’s not a brand new issue, but it is quite common. I’m going to tell readers the reason(s) for experiencing difficulties calling a phone number on you cell phone.

Let’s go on.

What can your call that cannot be completed in this moment refer to?

This occurs when a phone call isn’t able to be transferred to the number of the receiver because of issue with the network or a technical issue from the provider of the network.

It could be due to the caller’s network, or perhaps it is the network of receiver. The main reason the problem that your call is that it cannot be solved currently is a network technical issue. It could not be a problem at the receiver’s end rather, it could be the caller’s end.

Below are a few reasons behind these problems with networks.

1. Network issues with technical nature

I’ve noticed whenever I’m experiencing issues like your call can’t be completed right now the cause is usually by a network technical issue right now.

I have two sim cards that belong to different networks. Sometimes I receive calls from friends who want to know why my primary number is telling me that the that the call can’t be finished and I’m unable to complete it. Please try afterward.

I’m not sure what to do because I know that the sim card is working and I’m able to see networks on the phone. If I call my provider of network for the issue I’m facing they will usually tell me that they’re experiencing an issue with the network’s technical side currently and that the issue can be solved at this point.

Once it is at the designated time the number I have entered will start running through.

It’s my opinion that one of the main reasons for this issue with your network if “your call cannot be completed at this time” is because of network technical issues.

2. Poor network connection/coverage

A poor connection to the network or coverage may cause this kind of issue when making calls to anyone.

Perhaps the individual is located in an area that is remote and there isn’t enough coverage or connectivity, no regardless of how difficult you attempt to reach the person encountering issues similar to this, the call can’t be completed until now.

In this situation I would suggest sending the person a message, even you must use Whatsapp or another application. See how they respond with a reply.

3. The network is overwhelmed

Third reason due to the network is overloaded and unable to handle texts or calls.

If a network is that it is overloaded, it can be very annoying calling, or sending text messages could become a battle. You are able to make a call to someone on your mobile and the call will be ended instantly.

This could lead you to believe that the person blocked you, but in true sense, it was the fault of your network provider or receiver’s network provider.

Overloaded network is a popular language for AT&T They love this claim. AT&T will not allow your call to be completed once dialed it could be because of an overloaded network at this the moment.

4. The number of the receiver is not in use.

If you make a call to one that is shut off, you’ll hear regret that the number you’re trying to call is at present not in operation,but sometimes you will hear that your call will not be answered in the moment.

You’ll keep trying but you’re not aware that the person you’re calling had enabled air mode in their phone.

If the phone is not in use the SIM card and network will not be operational and you won’t be able to reach the person via calling their number.

What I’m trying explain this is that a phone number that isn’t active could cause problems It could be that the person has switched on to airplane mode of their phone, or totally switched off from the mobile.

While trying to call someone and you hear your call cannot be completed please try again later, I recommend you to wait for one hour and call back. Or probably you should do the followings;

1. Contact the person via WhatsApp or another social messaging application

It’s what I typically do whenever I find myself in such a situation. I’ll change to whatsapp and attempt to call the number of the person from my Whatsapp account.

There’ll be no difficulty getting the person’s contact information except for an internet connectivity issue, which could cause more difficult.

When you try to contact someone, but it said that the call can’t be completed at the moment Try calling the person via one of the social media messaging apps, unless the person doesn’t have one.

But if the person do have them, especially the likes of WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Google Duo, etc., don’t be afraid to use these platforms to contact the person.2. Text messages can be sent.

If calls don’t work, If calls don’t go through, try sending an SMS to check if the message will be received. Make use of both the phone and cell phone text, as well as any other messaging app like WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram, to send messages via text to the recipient.

If no message was left, make sure that the number isn’t in use. Take a few minutes, and then try to reach the person again.

3. Utilize a different sim card network

Perhaps the issue isn’t caused by the receiver’s network; instead, it is your own network. Therefore, I would recommend that you utilize a different SIM network or a carrier network to contact the person to determine whether they will be successful.

If the call is successful, it is likely that the issue lies with your network. Give it a few minutes, and if the issue persists, then you should call your network provider and submit your complaint.

What is the reason why Verizon tells me that my call will not be completed when it is dialed?

It could be because the network is already overloaded or the SIM number was not in use at the time you called.

If you are experiencing this kind of issue, you should wait some time before calling the number a second time.

When you hear that your call is not completed, please try again later. they are the primary reasons:

  • Network issues with technical nature
  • Connections or coverage of the network are not optimal.
  • Network overloaded
  • The number is not active


In the end, the annoyance of receiving messages such as “Your call cannot be completed at this time” is common for many. Recognizing the potential causes behind this problem can help ease the frustration and help find other methods to connect. If it’s due to a network technical issue or coverage issues or a network that is overloaded, or the receiver’s phone number not being used There are ways to ensure better communication.


  1. Why is it that my call says it is not able to be completed right now?
    • This is usually a sign of an issue with the network or issue at the receiver’s or caller’s end.
  2. What is the cause of technical issues during a phone call?
    • Technical issues with networks can occur due to a myriad of causes which can lead to interruptions in connection to calls.
  3. What happens when a weak connectivity to the network impact the quality of calls?
    • Unsatisfactory coverage of remote locations or poor connectivity to the network can result in a message “call cannot be completed.”
  4. Why can the overloaded network affect phone calls?
    • A network that is overloaded can result in dropping calls, which can make it appear as if the call can’t be completed. However, in reality, it’s actually a problem with the network.
  5. What happens if the number I’m calling isn’t active?
    • If the number of the receiver is not being used it could be that you hear messages such as “number not in operation” or “call cannot be answered at the moment.”
  6. How do I get around this “call cannot be completed” issue?
    • Try alternative messaging applications like WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram or send text messages in the event that calls do not work.
  7. What do I need to know if someone’s phone is in plane mode?
    • If someone has turned on airplane mode, then calls and messages aren’t going through. Wait for a bit or use alternative methods for communication.
  8. It is recommended to hold off and try the call later?
    • It is best to wait for a while before calling back is a good idea particularly when the problem is only temporary.
  9. Should I reach the person via an alternative network?
    • A different carrier or network could assist in determining whether the issue is your provider’s network or.
  10. What’s the reason Verizon claim that my call won’t complete?
    • Verizon might be able to identify this as a result of to problems with the network or overload, or even the receiver’s numbers not active. The process of waiting and retrying can be the solution.

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