How frustrating must it be when sending a text message and receiving an unreadable green text instead of blue!?

Sending text messages can be difficult enough without receiving unreadable green texts instead.

In all honesty, it shouldn’t cause you an anxiety when trying to figure out what may be causing the issue, or whether the issue stems from your iPhone.

This article covers everything information you require about what’s causing my messages to go green to an iphone. Before I go on to this, I’d like to ensure you that there is no issue with the phone or the messages application.

Let’s move on.

Why are my messages going green to another iPhone?

The reason messages are being sent from green an iPhone on the other side is usually due to the messages are not accessible on both the iPhone of the sender and the recipient’s iPhone or because of an insufficient internet connection.

If the message isn’t available via a mobile phone messages will be delivered via text message that is green in hue.

Be mindful that if you’re blocked by imessage or message app, imessage won’t send the message as an SMS/text message, instead showing it below as “messages not sent.

This is because I’m aware there are a few ios users who think that if the messages is displayed in an “green” message, or text message, that it implies they’re not allowed by the recipient. However, that isn’t the case.

A green message indicates that it was transmitted via an SMS. I will further discuss the reasons for why my messages are being sent to an iphone that is green.

1. Imessage is not available on both iPhones

If the message cannot be delivered via iPhone to both sender and recipient simultaneously, it will then be transmitted using SMS through mobile networks.

if your iPhone is connected and running imessage but the recipient has disabled the imessage app on his or her iPhone, an email containing an SMS text message with your message will be sent instead.

Many iPhone users are surprised when an iMessage they send to someone not their own changes color from blue to green, signalling it was sent as an SMS message instead.

The recipient should have turned off the message on their iPhone.

In addition to this there are other motives to answer the question of what is causing my messages to go green to an iphone.

2. Poor internet network

Since the message requires an internet connectivity to function to send or receive a text message having a weak Internet connection, sending an IMessage message to another iphone user is likely to fail, or be sent as an SMS, particularly when it it was sent as an SMS was turned on in your iPhone.

I’m requesting for an iMessage to a different iphone user or an ios You must be connected to an excellent internet connection whether it’s Wi-Fi or cell data.

If these two devices are not present on either the iphone of the sender or phone of the recipient, then the message will be delivered as an SMS text message, which is green in hue.

3. No available Wi-Fi or cellular data

Imessage requires Wi-Fi or cellular data in order to operate; without these resources available on your iPhone when sending a message through this application will cause it to be sent as text message regardless of its recipient phone.

These are the main motives behind the most frequently asked question What is the reason my messages are being sent to another iphone in green.

I want to let you know that if someone is using one of the iPhone today, and then tomorrow is the day that they switch to Android. If you’d think that the person has an iPhone and sending an iMessage. The message will not be delivered, but instead will be delivered as an SMS text message.

The most efficient solution

If you’re planning you to be able to transmit an iMessage to someone you know who is using an iPhone that has the message enabled and active on its iPhone I would suggest you to turn off send as SMS from your iPhone.

To remove the option to send as SMS for the iPhone,opem the settings app, then scroll down to messages, then tap to open.

Check your screen closely and you’ll be able to see the message messages as SMS. If this button is active, please turn off the button and exit the settings application.

Launch your messaging application and try sending the message again; if it does not go through as intended, this may be due to a disabled imessage account on their end or that they don’t yet possess it.

Before sending an iMessage, make sure that the recipient has an iPad, iPhone or iPod and that message settings have been activated on it so as to not find yourself wondering why your messages have been sent directly to another iPhone when in fact the message wasn’t meant as one.

After you have disabled the feature to send SMS messages on your iPhone it is no longer possible to send text messages via SMS. However, don’t forget to turn on the option to send as SMS when sending text messages to an Android phone user or perhaps even a feature phone user.

Why are my messages green?

The green color indicates that they were delivered as SMS text message instead of an imessage, as imessages cannot be received on devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPods.

If the message cannot reach its intended recipient’s phone, a green text message will be delivered instead.

If your iPhone does not have an active Wi-Fi connection, an SMS text message with green hue will be generated as an alternative.

When you find an email you’ve received from us as green Please note it was transmitted via an SMS text message that uses the mobile network service instead of Wi-Fi or data when transmitting the message. There is no need to ask why my imessage colored green, because it isn’t functioning or accessible as of the time of sending the imessage.

The information hereinafter explained relates to the main question of the day, what my messages are going green on another iPhone.

If the imessage service is functioning on both sender’s as well as recipient iphones that have internet connection or data The imessage cannot be delivered as an SMS text message. Iphone transmitting green text messages is possible in the event that the imessage service is not present or is not available on the phone of the recipient.

In addition, if there’s not enough internet connection or data available to allow the message work, and send messages, without changing to an SMS text message.


There’s nothing much to explain on this topic why are my messages sending green to another iphone as I’m wrapping it up here. Remember if you want to send an iMessage to an iphone user and it sends as an sms, disable the send as sms on your iPhone and try once again to send imessage. If it fails again, then it simply means the recipient isn’t using the imessage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why are my messages turning green on another iPhone?

The shift to green usually happens when iMessage isn’t available on both iPhones or due to an inadequate internet connection.

What does a green message on an iPhone indicate?

A green message signifies that it was sent as an SMS text message, not an iMessage, usually due to iMessage being turned off on the recipient’s iPhone.

What happens if iMessage is not available on both iPhones?

Messages will be delivered as SMS text messages if iMessage is active on one iPhone but disabled on the other.

Can poor internet network cause green messages?

Yes, a weak internet connection may lead to messages being sent as SMS, especially if the “Send as SMS” option is enabled on your iPhone.

How can I prevent my messages from turning green?

Turn off the “Send as SMS” option on your iPhone to ensure messages are sent as iMessages when possible. Check the recipient’s device for iMessage availability.

Why did my iMessage turn green when sending to an iPhone?

If the recipient’s iPhone doesn’t support iMessage or is offline, your message will appear as an SMS in green text instead of being delivered as intended.

What if I switch from iPhone to Android?

If you switch from iOS to Android, messages sent to iPhone users will now be delivered as SMS rather than as iMessages – even if they were previously used on your iOS device.

How does insufficient Wi-Fi or data affect message color?

Lack of Wi-Fi or data can force iMessage to send messages as SMS, displaying them in green on the recipient’s iPhone.

Is it possible to resend iMessages as SMS?

Once you disable “Send as SMS,” your messages will no longer be sent as SMS. Remember to enable it when messaging non-iPhone users.

Why is my iMessage not functioning on another iPhone?

iMessage may not work if it’s disabled on the recipient’s iPhone or if there’s no internet connection. Ensure both devices have iMessage turned on for successful communication.

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