How to get Rolex Faces for Apple Watch

This is the complete guide to Rolex face for Apple Watch!

Apple watches are without doubt faceless faces. We often wonder how we can find other faces or designs for Apple watches. Looking for a way to obtain Rolex Apple Watch faces on your Apple Watch as they would be fascinating and appealing.

It’s not a huge deal or difficult to acquire Rolex faces to your Apple watch and there’s nothing to fret about. If you’d like the look of your Apple watch to sport appealing Rolex faces, it is best to follow the right method to accomplish it.

Let’s begin the steps

Downloading App

To purchase an Apple Watch Rolex faces, you’ll have to download an App and there are a lot of Apps to help you, however this Chinese App can actually help you. A major drawback to the App is that it’s unavailable in the Apple store, which means you’ll have to download it via your browser. It has several steps

Name of this App will be Jingwatch. Simply search for it in your browser, and then click the original link on the site. (

Once you are on the App’s page, you’ll see three horizontal lines to the right side. Click on them.

Once clicked, a menu will open containing installation options in a drop-down list. Simply choose what option you would like from this list and proceed accordingly.

A pop-up will then show; click Install. The pop-up will request confirmation. You must confirm this, and after that you’ll sew the notification, then click on Install.

Then, wait until you are sure that the App will be installed in you Apple Phone.

Authorize App

This App requires approval. If you try to access this App without authorization the app won’t open. This is because you have not downloaded this App via the Apple Store but the browser.

  • Once you have been granted app authorization, visit your phone’s settings.
  • Then, go to General in the menu for settings.
  • Click to open Device Management.
  • The name of the app’s developer that can be found in China Telecom Corporation.
  • You’ll then see the option to trust the application. Click the option.
  • When you’ve completed all of the steps above, be able to open the App after which it should work.
  • Downloading on Apple Watch

To enjoy Rolex faces on your Apple watch, ensure the Rolex App is running. To do so, open up the Apple Watch App on your phone and scroll to its bottom – here should be either downloading or has already installed itself.

If the file is downloading, wait until it completes and move onto the next one.

Go To The App

  • Once selected and launched, select and launch the application you intend on using. When asked to create an account, navigate to Personal tab and provide all pertinent data needed. This way you will create one successfully.
  • Once registered on the app, log in with your user name and password to access it.
  • Once logged into your user account, you’ll discover various features.
  • Keep in mind that certain faces may require payment in your mind. To purchase paid-for faces, select your currency option so as to add credit to your account.

For example, if the price of a face is $10, you can charge your account using any method such as Credit Card or PayPal and add funds into your bank account until there’s enough to purchase that particular face.
Apart from paid faces, there is also free ones that are available for use.

Now you’re ready to go for Apple Watch faces Rolex.

A Icon on the right side of the homepage page, reminiscent of an empty gift box would pop up Click on it. Clicking on it will direct you to the store for faces. You can buy or obtain free various faces such as Hermes, Casio, and Rolex Apple Watch faces.

Since we’re searching specifically for Apple Watch Rolex faces, type this term into your search box and see the results that pop up – there should be several choices within those results.

Once you’ve selected a design for your Apple Watch, you’ll be able to view a preview and see how it will appear once applied to the Apple watch. Below this, there will also be various choices and recommendations from its creators.

Should you find Rolex Apple Watch faces that you like are available for purchase, you will have the option of doing so by pressing on their lower right corner. Once registered in the app, this makes purchasing any desired faces easy!

There are also freebies you don’t have to pay for! To access all the faces you downloaded or purchased, just click in the screen’s left corner where My Faces option is highlighted; this will open an alphabetized list.

Find Rolex faces on your Apple Watch

Once you’ve downloaded or purchased a Rolex face for an Apple watch, you are able to start adding any of the faces onto your watch.

Select on the Digital Crown option on your Apple Watch, and there will be all the downloaded apps on your device.

Click on Jing Watch App. Jing Watch App.

When you open the app and then the first face on Your My Faces in the app list will be displayed on your watch.
If you would like to select another Rolex Faces on your Apple Watch simply press and hold the screen for several minutes.

My face choices will show.

Click the option that appears, select the model you prefer and it will appear on the Apple Watch screen.

To make it more convenient option, you can select the phone’s face. It will be uploaded to your watch.

The most appealing aspect of putting the Rolex faces onto the apple watch using this process is that your watch will not forget the face you’ve chosen. Even if your screen turns out, you’ll see exactly the exact face you’ve chosen even if you turn your wrist and the screen comes on.


This method is one of the easiest and fastest ways to download Apple watch faces that feature Rolex watches, in particular. Now that this guide has come to an end, you should have all of the knowledge required to successfully install an Apple Watch Rolex Face on your own wrist in just two minutes! Go ahead and install this Apple Watch Rolex Face today.

FAQs for Downloading Rolex Faces on Apple Watch

  1. How can I obtain Rolex faces for my Apple Watch?
  2. Why is the Jingwatch App not available on the Apple Store?
    • The Jingwatch App, being a Chinese app, is not accessible directly from the Apple Store. You’ll need to download it from the official website ( using your browser.
  3. What is the process for authorizing the Jingwatch App?
    • After downloading the app, you need to grant it authorization in your phone’s settings. Navigate to General > Device Management > Trust the application under the developer’s name, which is China Telecom Corporation.
  4. How do I find and download Rolex faces once the Jingwatch App is installed?
    • Open the Apple Watch App on your smartphone, ensure the Jingwatch App is either downloading or has been downloaded. Then, launch the app, create an account, log in, and explore the store for various faces, including Rolex. You can purchase or obtain free faces.
  5. What is the process for adding Rolex faces to my Apple Watch?
    • After selecting and purchasing a Rolex face, open the Jing Watch App on your Apple Watch, and the chosen face will appear. Press and hold the screen to access My Faces and choose the Rolex face you prefer. The selected face will remain even when the screen turns off, ensuring a personalized experience.

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