If someone blocks me, can they still receive my messages? Explained

What do you think of when you’re blocked by someone, whether the iPhone or Android phone?

Most likely, you’re very upset and at the equally embarrassing, because blocking someone’s phone means that you don’t want any contact with the person in the future.

Blocking someone on their cell phone can be extremely painful and offensive, yet you must ignore their actions and move forward with life. If this proves impossible for any reason, however, there is still a way for you to contact that individual who blocked you: use their contact info!

Question we want answered is:

Can someone I block still receive my messages?

No. If someone blocks you with their mobile phone, their texts won’t make it through to them since the messages won’t make their way across.

Simply stated, there’s no direct way of sending SMS messages directly to individuals who have blocked you using their telephone numbers; therefore, I will provide step by step instructions on how to do just that via iPhone and Android phones.

If someone blocks me, can they still receive my messages?

Anyone who blocks you not receive your messages as the messages you send are not sent to the person who blocked you. You will only be able to use a different number to send messages which will be delivered to the contact you blocked.

Looking at this statement ” You can only use another phone number to send texts that will be delivered to this very contact” This means that you must utilize a number that is unknown to the person blocking you. You can also send an SMS message to that person.

No, we don’t mean for you to take the phone numbers of family and friends as a form of self-defense; these individuals could potentially have access to them.

In this case, I would recommend use the Google voice app to send a text message to the person blocking you from its mobile phone.

After having seen that answer whether if I block someone, will I still receive my messages and so on, let’s see how to text to the person you want to text with the Google voice application for your iPhone or Android phone.

Utilizing the Google voice app to text someone you’ve blocked

To begin, i suggest that you install and download the Google voice application on your Android phone, or on your Iphone and iPad.

Once you have completed downloading and installing the application on your phone then open the app to begin by creating your account.

Launch Google Voice on your iPhone or Android phone.

Select your Google account that will be used to connect an Voice number, then click “Continue.”

For iPhone or iOS device users to access voice services via Google Voice Apps, if they do not already own an existing Google account they need to register a brand new Google Account in order to do so. Existing accounts will let them bypass this step and use existing credentials instead.

Android users must log into one or more Google accounts associated with them in order to use the Google Voice App. If multiple Google accounts exist, select your account from that list before beginning.

On the next screen, to find and select your Google Voice number you will need to click “Search” in the lower-right corner and type in your zip code or city name to reveal a list of local numbers from which to choose from.

Your zip code was just used to display phone numbers that correspond with it.

To select your phone number with Google Voice, press the blue button that corresponds with it.

Google will show the phone number again on-screen for verification. Please select either confirm your chosen number or use return to select another one.

The next screen allows you to link your Google Voice service and number with either an Android smartphone or iPhone.

Next, enter your mobile phone number. Please keep in mind that Google Voice will transmit an authorization code directly to the number.

Enter either a valid telephone number, or one that is currently being used, and Google will assign an eight-digit code directly to it.

Next, type in the code sent directly to your mobile before clicking “Verify.”

At this point, your identity has been verified and an account created on Google Voice. With your own phone number attached to Google Voice, it should be easy for you to message blocked contacts or contact them through Google Voice.

Attractive features of Google Voice for users is its deception: most don’t realize this number belongs to an account with them and require internet connectivity, not cell service; as well as Wi-Fi or mobile data for sending texts through this application.

Google Voice stands out as being an intriguing technology because of its versatility in usage; you can access its official web site on either Mac or PC computers to utilize this service.

Therefore, no need to fret if I was blocked by someone, will they still receive my texts since you can use other means such as Google Voice to reach this person and send messages directly.

Let me demonstrate how to make a google voice accounts on your Mac or Windows-based computer.

Signing up for Google Voice accounts Google Voice account on windows or Mac computer

  1. To establish an account on Google Voice using either Windows or Mac PCs, start by visiting their website – Google Voice website. 2.
  2. Sign into your Google account using your username. For Google Voice to function, a valid Google account must exist. If this is your first time creating one, this shouldn’t take more than five minutes to do.

Google Account creation is absolutely free of fees or costs whatsoever.

  1. Once on the next page, enter your city or area code into Google Voice text box and in drop-down list that appears, select your number from there.
  2. On the next screen, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Simply click “Verify” on this page and type in a phone number that will serve as your Google Voice account.

Be certain that the number is both active and reliable before verifying its authenticity.

  1. Once you receive the verification code via text or phone call, insert it into the appropriate box before tapping “Verify.
  2. To verify this is the phone number you want to use to register with Google voice, click “Claim.” Google Voice will prompt you twice before asking you to hit “Finish.”

Now, with your Mac or Windows computer you can easily reach out directly to someone who has blocked you and communicate directly.

Once your Google account is setup, you can acquire a phone number which can be used with Google Voice to text those who blocked you on mobile phone.

Instead of Google Voice, there are other applications you can use to send text messages to someone who has blocked you; such as:

  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited
  • Text Free: Call & Text Now
  • Talkatone: Texting & Caing

With these apps, there is no should you ask if a person blocked me, will they receive my messages as these apps give you a number and you’ll use it to send a text message to the person who blocked you. Definitely the person will receive the messages until the person goes ahead and block the latest number that you have.

But the best aspect is you could start by creating your own account and receive a new phone number that you can use to keep texting your friend until you are exhausted of texting to them.

What happens if you text someone you’ve blocked

When sending text messages via a blocked mobile phone number, your text messages won’t reach their recipient because they won’t get through to them.

Do not call the individual from an account which has been blocked; rather use another number or obtain a Google Voice number instead, or any of the messaging apps to send text messages directly.

Let’s look at instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and imessage.

If I blocked someone, can they still receive my messages on WhatsApp?

Answer: No. If someone blocks you on WhatsApp, there’s no chance they will be able to read your messages as it won’t get through.

Please remember that blocking someone is typically intended to prevent receiving texts or calls from them, so don’t assume they will receive your text message directly unless using another WhatsApp account to transmit it.


If someone blocks me, would they still be able to read my messages on Instagram?

If you’re blocked on instagram, they cannot receive your messages until you are unblocked through their instagram account.

Are you able to send a text message to someone who blocked you?

You may sms the individual who blocked you, however it will not be the blocked number. All you need to do is use another number to send an SMS at the individual.

But, they could block your other phone number, too.

If I block someone, can they still receive my voicemail?

If you’re blocked by someone, that person who blocked you won’t hear your call until they unlocks your number on its mobile phone.

Does sms transmission go through if you’re blocked?

The SMS won’t be delivered when the recipient blocks it. It will simply say “sent” but it won’t be sent directly to the person who received it.

Are blocked messages available when they are unblocked?

Text messages cannot be delivered if you are unblocking them. The only way to solve this is for the sender return the message once it is blocked and then it can be sent.

This is the point where I end on the question that was asked regarding if someone blocked my number can they still receive my messages. Please bear in mind that the texts won’t be delivered because it will never go through unless the recipient unblock your phone number or an alternative number for texting an individual who blocked your.

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