If i remove someone’s block on imessage, what happens? Answered

When a person is blocked from iMessage, messages in text and location sharing will not be accessible to the person blocked.

Text messages sent from numbers blocked will get removed However, the question being asked is: if I remove the person on imessage, what happens.

Do I have the ability to receive blocked text messages? Maybe not.

This is why I will go over this way after you have unblocked someone on the iPhone or iMessage.

If I remove someone from imessage, what happens?

If you remove someone from iMessage, messages that were blocked will not be delivered to your phone. However, recurrent messages from the contact will be sent on your mobile.

If you deblock someone on your imessage and they are unblocked, they can now begin sending messages via text via your mobile in addition to both of you will be able to start sharing locations with one another on iMessage.

In default, if you block someone using imessage and you share your location with the contact when you click on the to block this contact, iMessage location sharing will be stopped immediately.

If you remove the individual on your iPhone, you are able to start sharing the location with the person and the sharing of location is available to you as well as to the other person via iMessage and iPhone generally.

Regarding texts If you block someone’s imessage the text messages will be blocked. If you decide to remove the person’s imessage then you will not be allowed to receive blocked texts.

The only option for your needs to contact the person or contact send all blocked messages via text to your email or iPhone.

Blocking someone else on iMessage

If you block an imessage user, it could affect SMS text messages, cell call calls and Facetime calls, too.

Blocking someone in imessage allows you to send and receive text messages with them; they cannot reply until you remove their block in imessage.

The person will also not be able to contact you via Facetime or mobile calls and cannot send SMS messages directly to your mobile.

Be aware that if you block someone via imessage and the person is sharing their location with you, you will be able to see and verify the location of the person’s on imessage, but the person won’t be able see your positionas the time you have block the person’s iphone or imessage.

How can you remove someone’s block on iMessage

To remove someone from your iPhone, simply open the messaging app and find the individual’s contact or conversation on your iPhone.

Click on the name of the person and then tap on the info tab and this will display the profile of the user.

Please take a look below, where it says to unblock this number, then tap to unblock phone button. By doing so, you will unblock callers coming into your iPhone.

This means you will receive text messages directly from those you are conversing with, phone calls from Facetime and cellular networks, and location sharing will both be available to both of you.

Are you able to see your messages that are blocked in iMessage?

There isn’t a way to do it. You can’t view messages that are blocked on your iPhone because they won’t ever reach the intended recipient.

On iPhone There are no ways to access messages that are blocked. This is blocked once the blocked user attempts to send text messages on your iPhone.

It is therefore difficult to determine the validity of a blocked number sending messages via text to your cell phone.

For calls, if a person leaves a voicemail message on your iPhone you’ll be aware that the individual (or that unblock number attempted to contact you via mobile calls or even a regular phone call.

But, this feature is only accessible on cellular calls and not for Facetime calls.

You cannot determine whether blocked contact attempted to reach you on iPhone for facetime calls, other than cellular calls and also for SMS text messages and iMessages which isn’t even possible.

Do blocked messages say delivered?

Blocked messages will never be delivered since it will never be delivered or sent to the recipient’s phone.

In iMessage If you’re blocked by your recipient, the text message won’t show as delivered meaning recipients have received text message. This applies to Android phones since there will be no delivery reports for the sent text message.

Displaying as delivered simply indicates that a text message was read on its intended recipient’s mobile phone – even if their phone is off and unblocked, their SMS won’t show that they received it until someone notifies them of its delivery.

If someone is forbidden from accessing the internet on an iPhone or Android phone, text messages will only be read once they receive permission to read them from their recipient.

If you receive a texted message is delivered, message indicates that the recipient did not block you in any way.

Do you receive messages when you remove someone’s block on iMessage?

The simple answer is that there’s no. The blocked messages once you’ve removed a contact from iMessage.

In iMessage If you have blocked someone via iMessageand that person messages text messages to your iPhone but you aren’t able to receive the text messages, even if you choose to deblock the person from either your iPhone and/or iMessage you will not be able receive those blocked messages.

This is why it is important be certain before blocking anyone on your iPhone.

The only choice you have to be able to receive blocked messages is to request the sender to allow resending of the blocked messages and this can be done to the most recent IOS 16 update.

In the meantime there’s no way to receive text messages that are blocked via iMessage. In the near future, Apple might add the feature, or allow users to receive blocked messages when the user is blocked in iPhone and iMessage.

If you block someone’s iPhone what are they seeing?

They won’t be able to see anything, even if you share your location through your iPhone.

If you share your location using iPhone and then block someone, sharing will immediately and instantly cease; they won’t ever again be able to see it via iMessage and also in my app. Messages may still be sent via text and phone on iPhone as usual.

If the iPhone of someone with whom you share location has blocked your location instead of showing it as usual, what you will see will be that neither person is sharing their current position with each other anymore.

This means the other person won’t share your location anymore as soon as you’ve been blocked by them.

Person who has been blocked will notice that his text and call messages are no longer reaching the intended recipient.

Why do I not receive messages after deblocking

Be aware that you won’t receive blocked text messages if you remove someone’s block on iPhone or on Android phones.

But, you will only receive text messages via the contacts you have you have on either the iPhone as well as Android handset.

If you have unblocked someone on your phone, you don’t get new texts from the contact, verify that you have actually unblocked the contact in your mobile. You may restart or reset your phone to solve the issue.

Last but not least to bed, if I unblock an imessage user, what happens? If you remove someone from iMessage, the messages you block will not be delivered to your phone. However, recurrent messages from the contact will be sent directly to the phone.


In simple terms, when you block someone via iMessage is like setting up a digital barrier between you. Text messages, calls and even sharing of locations are affected. In the event that you opt to take off the block, it won’t immediately return to normal. There are some nuances to be aware of such as the resurfacing of blocked messages as well as the intricate details regarding location-based sharing. It’s crucial to comprehend the nuances and nuances of this communication gap for you to be able to maneuver the iMessage landscape without a hitch.


  1. How do I stop someone from blocking me from IMessage?
    • Blocking someone’s iMessage blocks texts, calls and sharing of location information from the person.
  2. If I delete an individual from iMessage what happens?
    • The removal of the person from iMessage allows calls and messages previously blocked to be delivered to your phone.
  3. Will I be able to receive text messages that are blocked after unblocking someone’s iPhone?
    • However, messages that are blocked aren’t delivered even after deblocking. They need to be sent again to the person who sent them.
  4. What happens when I stop the iMessage User?
    • Blocking blocks calls, texts and Facetime. The person blocking you may text you, however you won’t receive messages until you are unblocked.
  5. How can I unblock anyone on iMessage?
    • Start the messaging app locate your contact. Tap information then choose to deblock to allow messages, calls, as well as sharing of locations.
  6. Can I view blocked messages in IMessage?
    • If blocked, messages won’t get to the intended recipient. There’s no way to open the messages via your iPhone.
  7. Do blocked messages show as delivered?
    • It’s true that blocked messages will not be displayed as received; the message sender will not know whether you got their message via iMessage.
  8. Do you receive messages after deblocking on IMessage?
    • The answer is no, the removal of a block will not allow you to send messages that were blocked previously and the sender has to send them again.
  9. What do people see when I disable them on IMessage?
    • They won’t be able to view your messages, location or even contact you. Blocking the iMessage application iMessage is a type of digital communication cut-off.
  10. Why am I not receiving messages after unblocking IMessage?
  • Verify that you have blocked the contact. Restart and reset the device in case the problem persists.

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