If I block someone’s phone, do they still receive my messages? Explanation

What are your feelings when you are blocked by someone on the iPhone or Android phone?

Most likely, you’ll be extremely annoyed and at the equally embarrassing, because blocking someone is simply a sign that you don’t want anything to do with that person in the future.

It’s incredibly painful and offensive when a person blocks you on its cell phone however you have to disengage from the situation and go forward. However, if you can’t, do that, there is a method you may still use to contact the person who blocked your phone number.

The question we are facing here is

If I block someone, can they still receive my messages?

No. If you are blocked by someone via their mobile phone, that person won’t be able to receive your texts as your messages won’t be sent to the person who blocked you.

This is the plain truth.

It is impossible to be capable of sending an SMS message to a person who is practically blocking you using that blocked phone number. It is only possible to use a different phone number, or another option that I’ll explain in this article how to send text messages to the exact person who blocked you on its iPhone or Android phone.

If I blocked someone will they still be able to receive my messages?

Whoever blocked you not receive your messages as the messages you send are not sent to the person who blocked you. It is only possible to use another number to send messages that will be sent to the contact you blocked.

Looking at this statement ” You can only use another phone number to send texts that will be delivered to this very contact” This means that you must make use of a number that is not known to the person blocking you, and then send a text message to that person.

We’re not suggesting that you should take the number of your family or friends phone number because they might have access to the numbers.

To do this, I suggest employing the Google voice app to send a text message to the person who blocked your mobile phone.

After having seen how to answer the query the possibility that if someone blocked me, they still be able to receive my texts Let’s look at how you can contact someone with the Google voice application for your iPhone or Android phone.

Use the Google voice app to text someone you blocked

For a start, I recommend you first download and install the Google voice application on your android phone or Iphone and iPad.

After you’ve installed and downloaded the application on your phone then open the app to begin by creating your account.

1. Open the Google Voice program on your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Then, you must choose your Google account, which you’ll connect an Voice number to, and then click “Continue.”

If you’re using an iPhone or an iPhone, then you need to sign up for an Google account to access the voice application If you do not already own already a Google account. If you already have a Google account, then you can avoid creating a account. Google account.

For Android users, you must select your Google account, or any other Google accounts if you have several accounts using Google to access the Google voice application.

3. On the next page, you need to click “Search” in the lower-right corner to choose the Google Voice number. After that, you can type your zip code for the area or city name to bring up a list of the most relevant regional numbers to select from.

4. You will need to choose the preferred number for your phone by clicking the blue button that is next to the number you want to add to your Google voice account.

5. Google will show the number once again on the screen. You must accept the number that you have selected, or hit on the return button and choose another phone number.

6. The next screen will allow you to connect the phone number and Google Voice account with your Android smartphone or iPhone.

7. The next step will be entering your phone number. Keep in keep in mind that Google voice will transmit an authorization code to the number.

8. The next page will prompt you to type the code sent to your phone prior to selecting “Verify.”

That’s it.

You’ve now verified your identity and registered an account on Google voice account. with the phone number you have given to you and your Google Voice account, you can message someone you blocked or even contact the person through your Google voice account.

The greatest part is that the user would not be aware that this isn’t an ordinary cell phone number, but rather a Google voice account. Also, Google voice requires an internet connectivity, not a cell network, which means it is possible to use Wi-Fi or cell data when sending text messages with the Google voice application.

Another interesting fact regarding Google Voice is the fact that it can be used on Mac or Windows computers via the official site.

Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about whether if a person blocked me, would they receive my messages since you’ll still be able to use other methods such as the google voice for sending texts to this particular person.

Let me explain how to make a Google voice accounts on your Mac or Windows computer.

Signing up for Google Voice accounts Google Voice account on windows or Mac computer

1. To sign up for an account with Google Voice, you must first create a Google Voice account on your Windows or Mac computer, you must start by accessing Google Voice. Google Voice website.

2. You have to login to your Google account using your Google username. Google Voice requires a valid Google account. Therefore, if you do not have an existing Google account, you’ll need to make one. It won’t take you more than five minutes to finish it.

Making a Google account is free and without fees whatsoever.

3. The next screen will appear. Please enter your city or area code into the Google Voice text box and in the drop-down list that appears you, choose the number you prefer to use.

4. The next time you open the window, you’ll be asked to confirm your phone number. Select “Verify” on the page and then enter the number you wish to be using for the Google voice account.

Please ensure that the phone number active and reliable, as you must confirm the validity of the number.

5. Then tap “Send Code.” Once you have received the verification code by text message or a phone call, insert the code in the box that it is provided with and then tap “Verify.”

6. To verify that this is the phone number you’d like to use to sign in with your Google voice account, click “Claim.” It will prompt you to hit “Finish” twice before you’re done.

You can now easily message someone who has blocked you directly using your Mac or windows PC.

After you’ve created your google account, then you can get an assigned number and you’re ready to start with Google voice messaging to anyone who has blocked you on the mobile phone.

Apart from the Google Voice apps, there’s a variety of applications that you can utilize to text someone who has blocked you, and these include the following:

  • TextNow SMS Unlimited Call and Text
  • Text Free: Call & Text Now
  • Talkatone: Texting & Calling

With these apps there is no should you ask whether someone blocked me. If they do, will receive my messages because these apps assign you a number and that you can use to send a text message to the person who blocked you. Definitely the person will receive the messages until the person goes ahead and block the new number that you have.

But the best thing is that could start by creating an account on a different platform and obtain a new phone number that you can use to continue texting to the person until you’re exhausted of texting to them.

What happens if you text someone you’ve blocked

If you send a text message to someone you blocked on their mobile phone, the text message won’t be delivered to the individual who blocked you, because the text message you send won’t be delivered.

Do not use an account that has been blocked to call the individual alternatively, you can use a different number. obtain a Google voice number, or you can use any of the messaging apps to send messages via text to this particular person.

Let’s examine instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and imessage.

If I block someone, will they still be able to read my messages on Whatsapp?

The answer is not. If you are blocked by someone on Whatsapp, there’s no way that person will be able to read your messages as they won’t get through.

It is important to note that the primary motive behind blocking an individual is to not receive messages or texts from the individual. Therefore, you should not think that they will get your text message, unless you are using a different WhatsApp accounts to share the information.


If I block someone, would they still be able to read my messages on Instagram?

If someone blocks you on Instagram, the person won’t be able to contact you until they unblock you through their instagram account.

Are you able to send a text message to someone who blocked you?

You may sms the individual who blocked you, however it won’t be their blocked number. All you need to do is dial an alternative phone number to send a text message at the individual.

However, the individual could still block your other phone number also.

If I block someone, can they still receive my voicemail?

If you’re blocked by someone else, the person won’t be able to hear your call until they unlocks your number on its cellphone.

Does sms transmission go through If you’re blocked?

SMS won’t go through when the recipient blocks it. It will simply say “send” but will not be sent to its recipient.

Are blocked messages available when not blocked?

Text messages cannot be delivered when blocked. The only way to solve this is for the sender forward the message again once blocked and then it is delivered.

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