How do you disable location without other person noticing the location on iPhone and Android

This article will cover everything that you should know about when it comes to sharing your location to contacts from your iPhone or Android phone. The mobile technology has advanced to the point that it is now possible to follow someone’s location using your iPhone or Android phone.

Thanks to the map and location services you are able to locate anyone.

Since we are focused on sharing location and stop our current location from being noticed by the people who we share our locations with, or perhaps cease sharing our location with them.

This leads to the topic of the moment.

How do you turn off location without another person not

The fact is that there’s no method by which you can disable location sharing or location sharing without the other party being aware of it.

Looking up the internet and finding people sharing various suggestions on how to turn off sharing of your location or not share your location with someone else and they wouldn’t be able to find out I’m here to tell you that this isn’t feasible.

There is no way to switch off the location or stop sharing it without the other person being able to find, and I’ll be able to explain these things to you.

One way to tell if someone has turned off the location service on their phone is if the phone shows offline on Android or display no location in iPhone.

Now, I’ll look over all the methods described online on how to disable the area without the other not knowing, and then explain why it does not work.

However, first I would like you to be aware that there’s a difference between shutting off location and stopping sharing location with regards to sharing the location.

The difference between turning off location and stopping sharing location

Turning off location means to prevent location services from working in your phone, while stop sharing location prevents the public from seeing your position.

When you’re discussing ways to disable location with no one noticing the difference, you simply need to turn off the location services and sharing on your smartphone. And once you’ve done this you will not be able see your place of residence.

If you also disable the location service on your phone and turn off location services, you will not be able to see the location of other users in your smartphone.

Let me clarify why there isn’t a way to turn off the sharing of location information or location without the other person knowing about it.

1. The airplane mode can be turned off.

The latest information states that one way to disable your location without anyone else being aware is to use airplane mode. However, I’m here to tell you that this won’t work.

If you share the same location with contact A, and that you both can easily track one another and track the current place.

Then you’ve decided to switch off the location services on your smartphone. This stops the possibility of being traced by map or the find me app. If a person attempts to locate you, what they’ll be able to see is no locationon iPhone and on android, it will show that the person or contact is not available.

Notice:When you enable airplane mode on your phone, it does not block Wi-Fi. So even if you activate plane mode in your smartphone, it will not turn off Wi-Fi. So long as Wi-Fi is on your phone, your position will be displayed.

On Android

If you turn on airplane mode, or switch off Wi-Fi in your android phone, this will stop locations from functioning on your Android phone. If someone attempts to access your location, it will show as offline.

2. Turning off Share My Location

The ability to turn off location sharing is among the ways to avoid allowing those you share the same location with from seeing your current place.

This feature is only available for iPhone.

The question now being asked is how to disable location sharing without anyone else not knowing, and what if any will declare that disabling sharing of locations is another method.

When you switch off sharing information on the iPhone What other people will see would be online but notsharing location.

However, it has already notified another person you’ve disabled the location feature on your iPhone to stop those who are watching from afar from your current position.

3. Stop Sharing Location on Find My App

Stop sharing location information on Find My App is another method to disable location without the other person being aware however I’m going to tell you that this method doesn’t always perform.

Today we’re discussing not sharing locations with a specific contact or someone who is on the iPhone.

I decided to test it and was not surprised when my second iPhone was informed that I stopped sharing locations with the iPhone.

How do I get the message?

Through iMessage.

If you stop sharing locations with a specific person within the iPhone or all contacts that you have on your iPhone and all the contacts on your iPhone will be informed.

It’s a fact that if you stop sharing information with your contacts All of them will be informed of it and it will be done via iMessage. As long as you were in a chat contact with contact on your phone, certain that they will be informed that you’ve stopped sharing.

They will surely be able to see the message in their iMessage making it difficult to remove the your location without the other user not knowing.

No matter how you try to keep from sharing your location, or disable the location with the other person being aware of it, it’s very difficult to accomplish that, according to my personal experience.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, and that you don’t want any person to be aware of your location, there’s a solution that I’ve found that won’t reveal your exact location. It disables specific location.

The solution

In the event that you’ve explained that there’s no way to disable location without another person having the knowledge, there’s a solution that you can use and this is only available for iPhone.

You must remove Precise locationon Find My application as well as Maps, Messages and Maps and even weather. If you’ve got Google Maps installed on your iPhone Make sure that you switch off or disable Precise location.

To disable Precise Location on your iPhone Open the settings app, then go to Privacy. Select Privacy, then Location services. Once you do, you’ll have access to all the apps available that are located near you or have accessibility to the location.

By using to use the Find My App as an example.

Absolutely Find My App will be on the list, and please start it.

Click to Find My and please don’t allow location access to Never, as it could also block you from viewing people’s locations using the Find My app. Therefore, please skip that section and go to the next section, which will be The Precise location.

It is default to be disabled or turned on by default on your iPhone It is up to you to turn it off the feature on your iPhone.

After you have turned Off Precise Location in your iPhone It won’t show the exact location of your device. When I refer to exact location I’m saying it won’t display the exact location street or the exact name of the street where you whereabouts are.

For instance, you’re declaring that you are that you are in the 117 Lombard Street in San Francisco, California. If you did not turn off specific location, what the person following you will see is at 117 Lombard Street in San Francisco. But if you turn off or disable exact location on your iPhone then the person will appear be in San Francisco and that’s all.

A precise location can help make location services more precise, and without it, the location services could not be accurate.

If you don’t want your family or friends knowing where you are Please turn off the specific location and you’re in good shape. If you’re wondering the best way to switch off your location without anyone else being aware, it isn’t feasible based on my personal experience.

How can I disable the location of an imessage, without other person being aware?

It is impossible to disable the location feature in iMessage without the person not being aware of it, or having any conversation with them.

Since the release of ios 14, even if there was no any conversation with the contact the person will be notified of the message via iMessage. As of now, however difficult I have tried to let my phone number of a friend receive a notification on its iMessage, it’s failed.

It will indicate that you’ve stopped sharing your location with the contact. If you decide to share your locations with the contact it will notify the contact.

What is the meaning of sharing location?

Sharing location is sharing information about your location to anyone that you have on your phone, including family members and friends. they’ll be able to view your location and follow your movements.

When you share your information about your location with anyone in your contacts, you’ve granted them right to track you and observe your current location.

This app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

What does “stopped sharing location” what does it mean?

This means that the person sharing the same location as you is preventing you from viewing the location of their friend.

How do you stop sharing a location with just one person?

On your phone, launch the messaging app or contact app. find the contact, then look up the contact’s details or contact information. You will then see the section that states that I am notsharing my location. Tap on it, and from now on the contact or person will not be able to find your location.

Do you see your where you are when it’s you block it?

You can locate yourself since the location service has nothing to do with be blocked from making calls or sending texts.

Location services or seeing someone’s locations doesn’t necessarily relate to text messages or calls as you are able to be able to see the location of someone even if blocked so long as that person shares the same location with you.

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