How to Tell If an Android Blocked an iPhone

In today’s smartphone-driven world, communication is key. But occasionally, you might suspect someone has blocked you. Here, we explore how to tell if an Android user has blocked an iPhone user, understanding the signs, and the appropriate actions to take.

What Are the Consequences When an Android User Blocks an iPhone User?

When an Android user blocks an iPhone user, several events could ensue:

  • No More Text Messages or Calls: Once an Android user blocks you, no text messages or phone calls from them will reach you. Your messages won’t be delivered, and calls will go straight to voicemail.
  • Status Updates Aren’t Visible: Using instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, you won’t see their “last seen” status update or any changes to their profile picture or status message.

Now that we know what can occur, let’s examine ways of recognizing when we may have been blocked.

How to Determine If an Android User Blocked You By Checking Messages and Calls

  • Check Message Status: If your messages show only single checkmarks but never change into double ones when read, this could be a sign.
  • Calling: When calling an Android user, your call always goes directly to voicemail.
  • No Online Status Visible: Chat apps do not show Android users’ online statuses.
  • Examining No Changes in Profile Picture: If an Android user hasn’t updated their profile picture in some time, that could be a telltale sign that something might be amiss.
  • Status Message Unmodified: An unchanged status message could also indicate they’ve been blocked from messaging them back.

Now let’s talk about how to check whether or not someone has blocked you on social media.

How to Confirm You Have Been Blocked on Social Media

  • Search Their Profile: Search their profile using another account or from someone else’s device and see if you can locate them; if not, this could indicate they have blocked you.
  • Check Mutual Friends: If you have mutual friends who use Android phones, ask them to check the profile of this individual. If they can see it but you cannot, this can be taken as a strong indicator that this individual should not be trusted.

What to Do if You Suspect Being Blocked

If you suspect being blocked by an Android user, here are a few steps that might help:

  • Confirm Your Blocking: In order to verify if they have blocked you, reach out via alternative means such as text messaging or through friends to confirm if they have.
  • Respect Their Choices: If you find out you have been blocked, do your best to respect their decision and refrain from trying to reach them via other means.
  • Consider Your Situation: Take time to contemplate why you may have experienced difficulties and learn from that experience.

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Additional Signs of Being Blocked

Check for Disappearing Profile Information:

If you suspect being blocked by an Android user on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, pay attention if their profile information suddenly starts disappearing – such as their picture, name, and shared posts. People who block you may make their profiles more private when doing so – leading to this occurrence.

Call Rings but No One Answers:

Another surefire sign that an Android user is blocking you is when their calls ring but never get answered – it could be they’re trying to avoid you and avoid answering! This could indicate they might be blocking or avoiding you altogether.

Check Your Group Chat:

If you were part of a group chat involving Android user and suddenly don’t see their contributions or messages anymore, they may have blocked you individually from participating in it.

Review Delivered Receipt:

Some messaging apps, like iMessage, will display a “Delivered” receipt when sending messages to people who have blocked you – this could seem confusing but is actually telling: the message has reached their device without ever making its way into their chat and so never got seen by them.

Monitor their Online Status:

Many messaging apps display information regarding when someone was last online, if that information no longer displays for Android users, it could be an indicator that they have blocked your communication with them.

Examine Your Message Bubbles:

For iMessage users, pay close attention to their message bubbles. If your messages change from blue (iMessage) to green (SMS) consistently over time and stay green, it could indicate that an Android user has blocked or disabled iMessage on their phone.

Reach Out to Mutual Friends:

If you know anyone else with whom the Android user you suspect of blocking you is still communicating, asking their friends whether or not they can communicate can provide invaluable feedback and confirm your suspicions. They could provide insight and confirmation.

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Monitor Reaction to Social Media Posts:

Keep an eye out to see if Android users interact with your social media posts by liking, commenting, or sharing. If their engagement suddenly ceases, it could be an indicator that they have been blocked.


Being blocked by someone using either Android or iPhone can be disconcerting. We’ve discussed signs that may indicate whether an Android user has blocked an iPhone user. As always, it is essential to respect each individual’s choices and maintain healthy communication channels.

FAQs for How To Tell If An Android Blocked An iPhone

1. Is It Still Possible To See an Android User’s Profile If They Blocked Me On Social Media?

No, if an Android user has blocked you, they will no longer be visible in social media accounts, including their profile or any content uploaded there.

2. Will my messages ever get delivered even after having been blocked by them?

No, your messages won’t reach their destination if they have been blocked from sending.

3. How can I be certain I have been blocked on WhatsApp by an Android user?

If you can’t see their “last seen” status and your messages remain undelivered, it’s a strong indicator.

4. Is It Appropriate to Ask Someone if They Blocked Me?

It’s okay to inquire politely, but respect their decision and don’t push too hard if they choose not to respond.

5. Can I unblock myself if an Android user has blocked me?

No, you cannot unblock yourself. That decision lies with those who blocked you.

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