Discord IP Resolution: Retrieve the IP address of someone else from Discord (Hard But Possible)

Discord is an peer-to-peer messaging software or application utilized to establish communications among two computer systems. There are occasions where an IP address for an individual who uses the Discord platform has to be identified. You can change your Discord ID into IP address, but there aren’t simple solutions. Here are a few ways to obtain your IP addresses of a person using Discord. Discord messaging application.

1. Using the Discord IP Grabber

This is an one of the simplest methods to find out what the address is of the Discord user. The process involves the setting up of communications channels between the client and targeted Discord user, then sending the user a clicking link directly to the users Discord client. After the hyperlink is clicked after which a program that monitors the click will reveal the IP address that is actually utilized for the client.

  • Visit the Grabify website for the creation of a fake URL that must be transmitted to the targeted Discord user.
  • permanent connection can be established between the client and user intended Discord client by establishing conversations between them.
  • During the chat, the threatening URL is communicated to the user who is targeted. It can be done this through embedding it into the form of a video, image or simply text-based chat. The user must be enticed to click on that URL without causing suspicion.
  • After the target person hits at the address, it’s later copied into the resolver to reveal the real IP address of the user. The result will not only reveal the IP address but also the kind that gadget it is using and the address of the user..

2. Making Use of the Command Prompt

The third technique being debated to expose the address IP of the specific Discord user. When you execute the prompt to execute the prompt, the IP addresses for all users that are in contact via the host’s computer will be displayed. Each of the IP addresses are scrutinized and eliminated until the that belongs to the target user is identified.

  • When the Discord Client being opened to the user it is possible to have it is possible to have a conversation can be initiated between the intended Discord host and the user.
  • At the CMD prompt, type in” netstat-an‘. A lengthy number of codes for TCP scripts are generated by the system.
  • With a close inspection and elimination The IP addresses that are not of any use for the person using them are removed and the IP address of the computer being targeted is discovered. Then, it is copied pasted to the IP resolver in order to reveal the identity of the individual who is being at.

3. Using Wireshark

Wireshark, the software program which is utilized to conduct an analysis of IP addresses of users. The program has to first be downloaded onto the computer.loaded on the system and installed. It is required to establish an account for the useron Wireshark and then the user has to be registered on the system to take further actions.

  • The user is asked to input the information of the device which is currently utilized. This is usually done by selecting the an appropriate menu from the drop-down menus.
  • After the internet connection has been transmitted to Wireshark the program proceeds to display a vast array of protocols that are currently utilized to run the. With the help of an UDP filter that allows it to locate the target computer or the user.

The topics discussed in depth are the four main ways to find an IP address for the Discord clients of the user being targeted. These are the most effective methods to use, however it should be noted that it requires a certain amount of knowledge of technology to use the techniques; this is the primary reason for why it’s not a simple and straightforward task.


1. What is the Discord IP grabber method to determine the IP address of a user?

Discord IP Grabber Discord IP Grabber technique involves establishing channels of communication between the target user and the Discord user. When a clickable link is sent straight to the users Discord client The program then monitors the click and reveals the IP address of the user. The Grabify website can be used to generate fake URLs, which is then sent to the user who is targeted during an exchange.

2. What is the procedure for using this Command Prompt method work in the disclosure of the Discord account’s IP address?

It is the Command Prompt method exposes the IP addresses of every user who are in contact with hosts computer. After closing down any unnecessary applications then Discord Client is opened. Discord Client is launched to initiate a chat with the host as well as the user. By entering “netstat -an” in the CMD prompt and a listing of TCP scripts is created. The IP addresses that aren’t wanted are removed and the users IP is found.

3. Could you describe the procedure of making use of Wireshark to locate the IP address of a Discord User’s IP address?

Wireshark is a program in software that analyzes IP addresses. When downloading and installing Wireshark users must create an account and then register to the system. By entering the device’s information and applying the UDP filter Wireshark shows protocols, and finds the target system or computer. This process requires a certain amount of technical knowledge.

4. What is the reason it’s not recommended to make use of these methods to get an Discord User’s IP address?

Discord prohibits users from trying to determine their IP address from other members. It is stressed that these actions are not advised. The article recommends caution and advises against monitoring users’ IP addresses Discord users as it violates Discord’s rules.

5. What are the conclusions regarding the methods for locating an IP address for a Discord account’s IP address?

The article concludes that there are a variety of methods to identify the Discord account’s IP however, Discord is not a party to or support such actions. It stresses the importance of caution and explains that these methods require a certain amount of technology, making these methods not an easy and simple job. Users are reminded of Discord’s guidelines and not monitor other users IP addresses.


There are many ways the Discord user can determine their IP addresses of the targeted computer. Discord doesn’t encourage its users to take part in looking into other users’ IP addresses and this is not recommended. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and make sure that Discord does not discover that IP addresses of users are being monitored.

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