Can You Track an AirTag Miles Away?

With modern smart technology, tracking your belongings has never been simpler. Apple’s AirTag device has gained tremendous popularity for its tracking abilities; yet can this device track something miles away? In this article, we’ll examine its capabilities, limitations, and benefits.

What Is an AirTag?

An Apple AirTag is a small coin-shaped tracking device designed to assist users with finding and tracking personal items such as keys, wallets, or bags. Once connected with an iOS device, its location can be tracked through the Find My App.

How does an AirTag work?

AirTags utilize Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby Apple devices. If an item with an attached AirTag goes missing, its signal can be picked up by nearby Apple devices and relayed back to you through iCloud, allowing you to track its location.

Can an AirTag be tracked from miles away?

No. Most often, its tracking range is limited to several hundred feet – giving you plenty of room within your home, office, or locality to track an AirTag from.

Factors Affecting AirTag Tracking Range

Numerous factors can have an effect on an AirTag’s tracking range:

  • Obstacles: Obstacles such as walls can reduce tracking range.
  • Device availability: More Apple devices in close proximity increase tracking capabilities.
  • Battery Life: Battery life of AirTag devices may restrict tracking abilities.

Limitations of AirTag tracking

AirTags can be beneficial, but they have some drawbacks:

  • AirTag tracking capabilities do not extend far enough for use over distance.
  • Its Reliance on Apple devices: In order to use AirTags effectively, an Apple device with Find My app and the AirTag feature must be used.
  • Privacy Concerns: Due to being misused without consent for tracking individuals without their knowledge.

Benefits of AirTag tracking

AirTags have several advantages despite their limitations:

  • Peace of mind: AirTag tracking makes finding lost items quickly within an acceptable range easier.
  • Crowd-sourced tracking: Leveraging the Apple user network to help in the tracking process.
  • Integration within the Apple ecosystem: AirTags work seamlessly with other Apple devices and applications.

Use cases for AirTag tracking

AirTags have numerous applications, such as:

  • Tracking keys and wallets.
  • Locating lost backpacks during travel.
  • Monitoring the whereabouts of pets with collar attachments

AirTag Compatibility with Devices

AirTags are compatible with devices running iOS 14.5 or later, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. In addition, you can use the Find My app on Mac computers.

How to Configure an AirTag

To set up an AirTag, follow these steps:

  • Remove the plastic tab to activate your AirTag, bring it close to an Apple device, and follow on-screen instructions to link it with iCloud. For optimal AirTag tracking, consider these tips:
  • Maintain your Apple device.
  • Make sure that the AirTag battery life is sufficient and use its “Notify When Found” feature to get alerted as soon as it has been located.

AirTag alternatives

If you need longer tracking capabilities, there are other devices such as Tile and TrackR that use GPS technology for miles-away tracking of items.

AirTag Battery Life and Replacement

AirTags feature user-replaceable batteries, so it is essential that users understand how long the batteries last before needing replacement. Battery lifespan varies based on usage but typically lasts about a year before notifying you in Find My App of low battery status; then you can quickly change out yourself!

Lost Mode and Notifications

AirTags offer an effective “Lost Mode,” which enables users to mark items as lost by sending out Bluetooth signals and receiving notifications when detected – particularly helpful if you misplace something! This feature may come in especially handy should your item ever get misplaced!

Customization and Personalization with AirTags

AirTags allow users to customize them with engravings, emoji, or text to make your tracking device easily identifiable while adding an individualistic flair. With such customization available on AirTags, creating your personalized tracking device has never been simpler!

AirTag’s Role in Apple’s Find My Network

AirTags play an integral role in Apple’s Find My network, contributing to efforts of finding lost items by working together with other Apple devices to form a vast network capable of tracking them down.

AirTag Accessories and Holders

There are various accessories designed to hold AirTags onto various items, such as keyrings, luggage tags, and adhesive mounts – providing plenty of ways to attach it securely to what matters to you. These holders include keyrings, luggage tags, and adhesive mounts so that you can customize how and where your AirTag sits on your belongings.

AirTag Integration With Third-Party Apps

While Apple AirTags primarily operate within their ecosystem, some third-party applications and services have begun integrating them, expanding functionality and usability for AirTag users.

AirTag Privacy and Security Issues

Although Apple AirTags can be useful for tracking personal items, they have caused considerable privacy and security concerns among their users due to the potential misuse in tracking individuals without their permission – something they are working hard on addressing with various privacy features.


AirTags are great tools for keeping track of belongings within an acceptable range, though not for monitoring items far away. Their integration into the Apple ecosystem, crowd-sourced tracking capabilities, and ease of use make them invaluable tools in protecting personal assets.


How can I determine the battery status of my AirTag?

Check the battery life of an AirTag in Find My app on an Apple device.

Can I track someone without their knowledge using an AirTag?

Apple has implemented privacy features that prevent unwarranted tracking.

Are there any subscription fees associated with AirTags?

No subscription fees are associated with using AirTags.

What is their maximum effective range?

What is the maximum effective range of an AirTag?

Can I use AirTags with non-Apple devices?

AirTags are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices and the Find My app, but may not function on non-Apple devices.

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